The shag haircut, regardless of hair color, length, or texture, is an iconic hairstyle that effortlessly enhances everyone’s look. This haircut’s low-maintenance ‘does exude personality while being easy to style – just shampoo, add some texturizer, and air dry.

Short, Low-Key Shag

If you’re not ready to fully commit to the shag, dip your toes into this low-key variation. It’s perfect for those with pin-straight hair seeking added volume and movement. Layered, choppy ends create texture and the illusion of fuller, dynamic hair.

Parisian Shag

A chic twist on the classic shag, the Parisian variation features fringe that can be styled as curtain bangs or full, piecey internal layers. Inspired by the timeless Parisian bob, this look adds volume and texture, complementing loose curls, natural waves, or straight hair.

Rocker Mullet-Shag

Combining elements of the mullet and shag, this style offers versatility and a cool, grunge vibe. Suitable for various lengths, textures, and colors, it’s easy to style and can be worn with air-dried, diffused, or straightened hair.

Curly Shag

Zendaya showcases the magic of a shag haircut for those with curly hair, enhancing natural movement and texture. This modern look updates your style, offering versatility and a touch of sexiness.

Modern Shag

For a contemporary take on the shag, opt for a long fringe paired with piece-y layers. This style highlights depth and dimension, with customizable bangs to suit different face shapes and textures.

Midi Wolf Shag

With its rocker vibes, the midi wolf shag adds volume and texture to finer hair, especially for those with curls. It frames the face beautifully while maintaining an airy feel.

Long & Layered Shag With Blunt Bangs

This versatile shag allows for various styling options, whether straight, wavy, or curly. The layered nature of the haircut camouflages imperfections and adds visual interest.

Pixie Shag

Even with a pixie cut, you can embrace the shag trend by incorporating classic shag bangs. These bangs frame the face and add texture, perfect for fine to medium hair.

Sleek Shag

Channel your inner cool girl with a sleek shag like Billie Eilish’s. Ideal for any hair type, this style can be customized for a feathery or choppy look to suit your hair texture and facial features.

These effortlessly cool shag haircuts offer versatility, style, and a touch of edge for your next hair transformation.


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